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In 1948, Longchamp founder Mr Jean Cassegrain opened the first store in Paris. With the great spirit of innovation, let Mr. Casey Glenn (Jean Cassegrain) put the leather lead sheathed on the pipe handle, diversity of the pipeline in style, once favored by the market, even USA generation of rock star Elvis Presley and its supporters! Of the main package is to serve the people limited Longchamp theme Longchamp Outlet backpack service is continue to increase the variety of products, from the initial skin tube for handbags, belts, leather gloves, Jean Cassegrain Kasaigelansi neckline and silk etc.. At the end of 70, the birth of the first bag. Over the years, the design has become the guarantee of high quality leather, with innovative technology, so that the quality of each product, have a look in the traditional way, creative and forthright fine workmanship and well-known see forever.

Affected by the recession in Europe and the global luxury market slowdown, the main sales are still concentrated in Europe Longchamp Longchamp group, its chief executive, JeanCassegrain said, will expand the depth of the China, and said Chinese consumers both at home and abroad on the Longchamp Longchamp acceptance is very high. Despite the slump in 2013, but the brand has 26% in the mainland, including Hongkong, Taiwan, Chinese Greater China market price. It is understood, in 2006 the brand into the China market, has about 20 stores in the China, 2013 6 new stores in Chinese. Longchamp Handbags Outlet Brand said, hoping to Chinese expansion and European recovery, in this resume double digit growth, at present Chinese market is the second largest market after the French market, American market in third. Recently, a senior French leather goods brand LONGCHAMP in Chengdu International Financial Center (IFS) add new store, this is after the Mixc brand in second Longchamp Outlet Store boutiques, chengdu. This year marks the fashion folding bag Le Pliage series 20 anniversary of the birth of. The series since 2012 upgrade introduced lambskin folding bag, conquered the world fashion fans. In 2014 April, lambskin folding package customization service China landing, the newly opened the Chengdu IFS boutique is one of the four designated shops provide customized services Chinese district.

Luxury goods could be located in Paris and additional properties, layout inside the goods producing elements including leather, suede fabric wide selection, and combining with the media exposition. Longchamp and project guidelines for the treatment of certain elements, material they add the last very deep processing and cleaning principle can be based on their Webpage means, such as. Design simple Cheap Longchamp baggage care and routine maintenance of their brilliance and prolong its useful existence. Remove wear and stains almost dipped in rubbing type micro sponge. A gentle friction movement will make most transfer scuffs and mark. Wipe the floor with a clear soft towel to complete. Brushing bags or luggage carefully designed with the line side cleaning suede and rubber tooth surface smooth and groom suede velvet brushing part. General brush in line with the suede nap time. The Australasian export wipe patent leather and large shiny or paint leather luggage on a nearly complete exquisite moist towel or cloth and yellow to some line using second dry and smooth fabric. Smooth leather brush with high quality leather cleaner & Conditioner in lotion or product categories. Loading a clean cloth 1/4 the size of the air conditioning and cleaning carefully in a circular motion, the whole bag. Game second cleaning fabric and yellow to noticeably shiny hair conditioner.

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